Sound Masking

Acoustic design for the modern workplace

When you’re trying to concentrate on work, it’s distracting to overhear a co-worker’s conversation. Also, when you’re discussing sensitive information you don’t want others listening in on your conversations. Fortunately, there is a practical, cost-effective solution that delivers a comfortable level of ambient background noise that helps increase speech privacy and diminish distractions.

Sound masking is engineered to provide the right blend of frequencies that’s ideal for covering up speech and incidental noises. Frequently used in counselling centers, law firms, healthcare facilities, restaurants, corporate offices and other work spaces, beyond creating a more pleasant and secure environment, studies have linked sound masking to positive financial impact because of increased focus and productivity

The two types of sound masking we recommend are:

1) Direct Sound Masking which points the speaker system downwards which release frequencies directly into the environment 

2) Indirect Sound masking where the speakers are hidden above the drop ceiling are pointed upwards, reflected of the deck and bounce back into the workplace.

While a well-designed sound masking system can be implemented to produce a comfortable level of non-distracting background noise, results are greatly influenced and depend on several factors like the acoustics of the ceilings, walls, screens, interior finishes and furniture.

Which is right for you? TIS can help you make the right determination for your space. Contact the audio experts at TIS today to learn more about our commercial sound design and system installation capabilities and discuss your specific sound masking needs. Our team of talented engineers will work with you to design the perfect sound masking solution to fit your specific application. Any of our commercial sound masking systems can be tailored to the exact needs of your unique space.

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